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When looking for new employees, remuneration for the role is one of the first things you need to consider.

Alongside the accountabilities for the role, the remuneration needs to be both realistic and attractive to new talent.

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Not only do you as a business need to ensure you are keeping up to date with the rest of the industry for current employees, to ensure you do not lose your talent to competitors, your business also needs to think about how to attract the Food and Drink industry's top talent and the future talent.

You need to think about the basic salary but also the benefits that complete the package. Sometimes, it's not the salary that is the most attractive proposition for employees, it could be for example the products made, the training provided, an industry leading team, the company car, the bonus scheme or the pension (especially if it is a final salary scheme). What sets your business apart from all the others?

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Focus undertake Industry specific Food and Drink Salary Surveys to support our clients in the search for the perfect addition to their workforce.