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Recruitment process successes…

After being in the recruitment industry for more than a quarter of a century, we would like to share some key points as to why clients succeed in the recruitment process.

1. Timelines

Recruitment processes work well because the clients are engaged and keep the momentum up. They understand that the best candidates are probably in more than one process and therefore know they need to keep momentum.

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2. A two way street

As recruitment processes become more analytical and to some degree scientific, the best companies understand that the personal piece of selection is vital. We have had great feedback from candidates who have been in a process with companies that just get the idea that they need to sell their business to the individual – it is a mutual exchange of information not a one-way street. Clients who just get it, know that it is essential to make time for questions and an open debate with the candidates to support the process and ensure that the candidate wants the job. Candidates need to want the job and alot of that decision comes down to environment and culture.


3. Feedback

Regular feedback keeps candidates engaged. The clients that do it best are open with their process, keeping both the consultancy and the candidate in the loop. Those that do it well keep the lines of communication open, professional and honest.


4. Talent

In our industry there are lots of great candidates. The success comes from knowing that there isn’t enough to go around. Therefore, best placements happen when a client acknowledges that there simply isn’t something better around the corner - snapping the best talent up as quickly as they can.

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5. Comparisons

This works hand in hand with the above point. We ask clients to look internally for comparison - how does this external solution compare with the last person doing this job? Our clients know that delaying processes to wait and see if there is anything else out there will most certainly not give them the results they need.


6. Knowing what you need

There is no doubt about it that the more positive processes we have been involved in have had a job description and a clear idea of what they want. Whether this is because they have come to us knowing what they want already or we have supported them in determining what they need. Knowing what you want helps to know who you need to recruit. A clear job description supports the process.


7. Remuneration

Although the environment and culture are usually the most important factors in accepting a job, many of our clients know that money is also a necessity – most candidates cannot afford to reduce their income even if they really wanted to. Therefore, being able to offer the candidates the right remuneration, whether that is salary or benefits, will generate a positive engaged candidate and outcome.

8. Market rates

Some of the best candidates maybe on more than what you would typically expect. However, it’s about candidate worth and the positive impact on the bottom line that the candidates can deliver, as well as securing the right person.