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Recruitment Specialists for the food and drink industry

Lucy Mckinna-Whitby, Consultant

Lucy recruits junior to senior managers within the food industry, using her knowledge of the area gained in her past life working as a Development Manager within top chilled food sites.

These included Cavaghan and Gray (now 2 Sisters) and Tinsley Foods (now Bakkavor). Lucy understands the day to day ups and downs and challenges of working within a fast moving business supplying major retailers and considers herself well placed to assess skills and assist in the successful career changes that candidates seek.

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What is the earliest ambition you can remember?

Now, how do I get out of this cot?!

Did you go to a state or private school? Did you go to University or straight into work?

State school, college, then work, then decided to get my act together and get a degree so I was a mature student at the grand old age of 23!

Who is your idol?

Annie Lennox

Who is your mentor?

My better half

How physically fit are you?

Fairly, though not as fit as I’d like.

Which leads to greater success, hard work or ability?

Undeniably, it is a mix of both, but if I had to choose one then it would be ability as without that, no matter how hard you work, if you don’t have ability I don’t believe you would be as successful.

What is your IQ?

Absolutely no idea, but my parents had my brother tested when he was young and they didn’t get me tested so I suppose that gives me a clue!

Which famous person are you most like?

My husband says I am like Sigourney Weaver from Alien (or was it the alien?? Hmm..)

If you could see any musician live – whether alive or dead – who would it be?

Abba – I used to idolise them when I was young

Do you consider your carbon footprint?

Yes, very much so. The kids hate the fact that I make them walk everywhere rather than going in the car wherever possible

What was the first car you owned?

A silver blue Ford Fiesta – it got stolen one day outside my university and I never saw it again. (Very weird feeling; I assumed for the longest time that I just hadn’t parked it where I could have sworn I’d left it!)

What’s your biggest extravagance?

4 children – no, seriously, I suppose it’s fine dining

How politically committed are you?

Not in the slightest, though I have to say I am enjoying the debates in the run up to the election at the moment

Name one skill you don’t possess that you wish you did?

To be able to play a musical instrument

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

The gift of healing

What ambitions do you still have?

To pay the mortgage off sooner rather than later

Do you have more than one home?

No sadly, though I do hanker after a little bolt hole somewhere you can guarantee nice weather all the time

You’re going to be stranded on a desert island and can take only three things with you – what would they be?

A delicatessen, a restaurant and my return ticket home after 2 weeks (could maybe tolerate 3!)

If you could own one thing that you don’t currently possess, what would it be?

Friday’s Euromillions winning ticket

What and where is the best restaurant you’ve ever eaten in?

I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it was in San Francisco. I was on a work expedition doing product research through America and San Francisco was our first stop. I was jet lagged, our luggage had been left in London, and I was totally overwhelmed by the whole experience but we had a very strict timetable of restaurants to visit, so we went to this really posh restaurant in the clothes that we had been wearing for the last 15 hours and I remember being totally blown away by the fabulous American interpretation of a great restaurant. I can still taste the stuffed courgette flowers.

What keeps you going every day?

The love of my family

What is your greatest achievement to date?

My four brilliant children

What has been your greatest disappointment?

Oh lots of things have been disappointing but I don’t think it’s healthy to dwell on them

If a movie were made about your life so far, who would take the lead role as you?

As I said earlier, I think it would have to be Sigourney Weaver

If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?

Everything’s gonna be alright

What would your 20 year old self say to you now?

I need to remember to keep exercising

If you lost everything tomorrow, what would you do?

Be very – VERY upset, then get on with rebuilding the important stuff

If you had to rate your satisfaction with your life so far out of 10, what would your score be?

9.99 – there is always room for improvement

What was the last book you read?

I’m reading Awful Auntie by David Walliams to my youngest two