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Supply Manager, London

£45,000 - £50,000 per annum

South East and London

REF: DAC895740

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This is a great opportunity to break away from the corporate mould and hang out with mates – is this why they are seeing growth that is doubling & doubling?

Knowing where to begin can be confusing when thinking about creating a new business and sometimes a lonely one. However, you still want to be involved in this type of fast-moving and exciting environment so what's the answer? Skip the Den and join this business now.

Why? You will experience significant growth (YoY doubling), colleagues who are extremely well thought of in the sector as well as a partnership with a key set of suppliers. The foundations have been put in place and the stress and worries have already happened - this is all about the growth phase.

In this Supply Chain Planning Manager role, you will work closely with the Head of Operations you can concentrate on the continuity of efficient supply. The beauty of working for a business like this is there is no red tape - if you think you can improve something, improve it. In fact, this is a key requirement in the recruitment of this role.

Is there a downside? Well for any new business systems will be evolving and so you should have good working knowledge in this area.

Another good thing? Sometimes cash is in short supply in start-ups like this meaning systems are lacking and resulting in you being given information you know can't be right. Not here, a great background story gives rise to a successful business with good levels of investment.

Be realistic as to what it is like working for an SME with ambitious growth - plans can change by the minute. This isn't a bad thing as everything this business does is underpinned by increasing its growth but it will mean you will need to quickly understand why decisions have been made.

You know what it's like to produce a great looking plan – show these guys how and they will let you run with it.

Click the button below to apply (Dragons’ Den experience not required – that part has already been done).

Ref DAC895740

Tel: +44 (0)1625 560778

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