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Supply Chain Implant, Manchester

£28,000 - £32,000 GBP per annum


REF: DAC895835

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This is an excellent opportunity to exponentially grow your skill base and open up doors for your future career as you make a name for yourself in this role.

This is a great prospect for any ambitious Supply Chain professional. Based at one of this clients major customers head offices this is a rare opportunity to work in the thick of the action!

This Supply Chain role will test your analytical and customer facing skills and allow you to manage live data and build relationships as you imbed yourself as part of the customer team.

This planning role offers a great opportunity because the day to day is exciting, you will have almost unlimited access to a significant amount of information and because this is a newly created role, you will be able to forge your own path and decide what it is you want to concentrate on. Additionally, because you will have both your own business and the customer interactions, you will have an unrivalled ability to both pick up new skills/ways of working as well as making a positive impact to a wide variety of people, meaning these type of roles really help open future doors in your career.

You naturally will need to understand planning/forecasting but as this is a visible role within the customers office, you will need to want to get actively engaged with the head office team (they are a welcoming bunch you will be glad to hear).

Excellent analytical skills along with advanced skills in Excel will help you pass on advice and insight to all parties – as this is a new role there will be a plenty of opportunity to impress from day one.

Let your future-self thank you – apply for this role today.

Ref: DAC895835

Tel: +44 (0)1625 560778

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