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Site Technical Manager, Wiltshire

£60,000 - £73,000 per annum plus Bonus

South West

REF: DAC895267

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This company is the unequivocal leader in its category. So, it may sound a bit strange that you will be tasked with leading change in this role.

Surely if you are the category leader then you don't need to change much right?

Not in this case - a combination of scenarios has led to a fairly unique situation where change is actively looked at and sought after each day to improve its offering.

Business transformation mean there is an exciting period of positive change and growth that is underpinned by the support of a large parent company that is happy to invest.

Additionally, due to the existing personnel changes, you will be the first person in a while (and certainly in the new environment) to assess and analyse the facility with a different set of eyes.

The combination of the above two situations mean you will have one of the very best opportunities to make meaningful and dramatic change - you will not be taking "just another job" treading the same trodden path your predecessor did.

This role will genuinely see you drive the technical function forward. While you may think that doesn't sound easy, it will be rewarding and never boring.

What is the downside of this role? If you can recognise change doesn't always come easily to everyone, then nothing is immediately obvious. Of course, you will need to be a genuine advocate for positive change and be able to demonstrate a track record of achievement in this area.

What do you need? Alongside the above, this site supplies a range of premium retailers with technically complex products, so you will need experience of supplying own label chilled products to the major multiples.

Exciting role, large and successful company - apply now.

Tel: +44 (0) 1625 560778 REF. DAC895267

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