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SHE Manager, Food, Lincolnshire

£65,000 - £70,000 GBP per annum


REF: DAC896256

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Naked Attraction? You may have seen a program on Channel 4 called Naked Attraction? If not, it is a program that gets contestants to pick a partner.....

based on their appearance (without clothes) – the reverse of Blind Date.

Anyway, the individual that was picked on the episode I watched was physically in great shape. It made me wonder is bigger better?

To avoid going off on a tangent, I should get to the point. Is working in a big food manufacturing facility a good thing? The answer to that will depend on you - for some the answer is a resounding yes, for others perhaps not. However, if the answer is yes, then this role will see you work for the largest factory within its category in the UK.

What does that mean for you? With significant headcount, you will enjoy this role from both a complexity & scale perspective but also the business progression routes mean there is plenty of career development opportunity with the business committed to developing their staff (over 50% of their roles are filled with internal employees).

Back to my original question, is bigger better? Well in the case of the TV program, not in the episode I saw - the individual didn't return any messages or go on a second date. Will this company treat you better? If you have a background in food manufacturing (chilled ideally) have worked in large scale H&S roles with a NEBOSH diploma, dinner is on them as the staff shop is excellent! Send your CV across and, I'll set up a date (don't worry you can keep your clothes on).

REF. DAC896256

Tel: +44 (0)1625 560778

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