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Senior Development Chef - Grocery Retail, West Yorkshire

£45,000 - £65,000 per annum plus benefits


REF: FTL895412

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Coalitions and collaborations... some are not to be trusted. Some just aren't compatible. THIS role has you collaborating with the industry's best.

So, you should definitely trust it and view it's as the future...your future!

BUT, this partnership comes with high expectations and serious demands on the Senior Development Chef. It's not for someone looking for an easier or simpler life in the kitchen. It's a role whereby you are leading, managing, delivering and improving - all. the. time! Still here? Good, that's the list of demands over-with. So why should you apply?

  • You'll be shaping a core element of the Ready To Cook and Ready Meal categories as well as the flavour applications space
  • Your pride in the work and ability to collaborate with your grocery retailer accounts is on-point
  • You have an inquisitive mind, regularly seeking out new food trends. Research is not viewed as a chore or nuisance to you, but something you do often with great interest.
  • You are organised and strategic, which are key ingredients to this role's success
  • The position has you working with the UK's most inventive and commercially astute food manufacturers and retailers
  • The NPD Team around you are experienced, successful Development Chefs and Technologists
  • You have a flair for presenting. You enjoy the interaction and theatre of leading the customer through a creative journey
  • It's a hands-on position and you are keen to manage a creative process with commercial KPIs, but rolling your sleeves up is something you can't walk away from... you won't here.

In fact, there isn't much you'll stop doing. You'll just have more say in how it's done.

It's a busy but incredibly rewarding opportunity for you. If your last or current position needs a reset, or you're missing something, this is the next job that allows you to gain a promotion in a new setting with serious customers.

Call me for an initial, informal conversation if you want to clarify anything before submitting your application.

Tel: +44 (0)1625 560778 REF FTL895412

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