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Regional Sales Manager – Heavy Catering Equipment - London

£30,000 - £32,000 per annum (OTE £40,000) plus benefits

South East and London

REF: FTL895511

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Automatic, Sequential, flappy-paddle… moving through the gears has never been easier…

But has your career shifted gears as smoothly?

Your Chef life is important obviously, but you could be at a stage in your career where there is something else needed, something missing, or other priorities that affect your work.

As a Chef you might be in the land of limbo right now. At a fork in the road, deciding whether to carry on this path or take a new one. Stepping into the unknown isn’t something many like to do. This role isn’t for ‘the many’ though, its for you, and you only.

As Regional Sales Manager, covering London Restaurants and Hotels, you are working in collaboration with Catering Equipment Dealers and end-user customers as you represent the world’s best in combi-ovens. Highlighting the technological benefits that can save the kitchen time and money, whilst maintaining quality, consistently.

Through demonstrations and customer account management, you will be imperative to the continued success, of this leader in the catering equipment marketplace.

Why will it suit you?

  • You’re a Chef with a range of service and cuisine experiences. You have worked small brigades and within large banqueting functions
  • You want to work in an environment where your input and hard work has a direct effect on your earnings
  • Putting your Chef experience and knowledge of the restaurant industry to use, is a key part of your future
  • You can communicate effectively.
  • Listening to others and considering their needs is second nature to you
  • You want to make a better life for your family (for now and the future) – with you part of it
  • You have a commercial brain. Cooking is important but so is business and being successful in both go hand-in-hand, as far as you’re concerned
  • Managing your weekly routine and having autonomy gets the best out of you as Regional Sales Manager.

You will be trained on the particulars; The customer database, how to manage your region, and the expectations of your dealer network and customers. But, your natural charisma, gregarious personality and proactive work ethic will be tools you already possess.

The tools of the trade are all provided. In fact, as Regional Sales Manager for London, you will have all the support and ‘Head Office’ backing you could ask for. A team of internal Sales Consultants support your customer’s enquiries. The dealers you liaise with, who deliver the products to end-user customers will work in unity with you to ensure your product is front and centre when they consider the cap-ex investment.

You need a driving licence for this role, along with the ability to manage your time, plan your routes daily. Strong organisational abilities, whilst being able to reprioritise as needed is also required as you manage your own territory as if it were your own business.

If you have sales experience already its an advantage. You have no doubt had sales professionals knock on the kitchen door during your time in brigades. We want you to consider those you built trust with, and a strong working business relationship with. If you can find similar qualities and skills in yourself, this could be a great new step in your career for the long-term future.

For more information and serious consideration for this step-change, please update your CV and introduce yourself.

Ref FTL895511

Tel: +44 (0)1625 560778

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