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Production Chef, Airline and Event catering, London

£22,000 - £25,000 per annum

South East and London

REF: FTL895388

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Undervalued? overworked? career standing still? Have you considered having a rest?

They say a change is as good as a rest. You and I both know Chefs often change their surroundings to expand their culinary knowledge. A variety of kitchen experiences help you learn and develop your skills. Having a change of scene can reinvigorate you and new motivations are important in making each day at work more fulfilling.

This new Production Chef role could be just the rest you need.

If you would like a career and not just a 'job', then you'd appreciate this opportunity. And you don't have to burn yourself out getting there either. Working five days a week not six or seven AFD shifts here makes this a sensible and progressive career move.

In this role you will be working with a range of large catering companies and international airline customers. They produce meals for special corporate VIP events, whilst also providing thousands of meals each day to be enjoyed thousands of feet in the sky.

As a Production Chef here you'll be working a range of cuisines styles with the New Product Development Chef team. Making exciting and imaginative menus to befit a varied mix of end user diners. You will continue to hone your skills and perfect your craft whilst also laying real foundations for a long and prosperous career.

Understanding how a menu is formulated for each customer brief is fascinating. How flavour profiles change at altitude one second, then considering how the tastes of the South East Asian market differ to that of Northern Europe or North America - you certainly won't be stale here. Working to deadlines, margins and cuisine styles that reflect the particular business your partnering at the time will show you much more than some classic restaurant services ever could.

Its full of pace and will provide a real buzz, as well as being a great pathway into New Product Development if you see this as a career option in the future.

Get in touch and send your latest CV and we'll speak about how this can meet and surpass your career aspirations.

Tel: +44 (0) 1625 560778 REF FTL895388

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