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Process Development Manager, Lincolnshire

£35,000 - £47,000 per annum

South Lincolnshire

REF: DAC895239

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Would you like to help launch globally recognised products with industry leading equipment within a multinational corporation?

What is the spice of life?

Different people will have different views to this - no right or wrong answer.

But if your answer contains words like variety, complexity, industry leading or award-winning culture you will be interested in this role.

It is all of these things; large range of products / large investment on site with state-of-the-art equipment and technology / regularly ranked in the best places to work.

Is this an enjoyable role or is it just a lot of hard work? Honestly, probably both. But if you enjoy variety and making improvements in a supportive environment, it will be much more of the first than the second.

And the benefits? Industry leading, globally recognised business to add to your CV and freshen up your career. The learning and development potential is truly World Class (you will have access to their own university!). Also, this role is likely to offer longer term options as they have a solid track record of progressing and promoting their own employees.

If you have experience of launching products or packaging into a factory and have a food science or equivalent degree, this business would love to hear from you.

If you have your CV up to date then send it through today. If you are not actively looking, send through what you have got or give me a call on 01625 560778 and we can chat from there.

Tel: +44 (0) 1625 560778 REF. DAC895239

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