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Planning Manager, Leicestershire

£45,000 - £55,000 GBP per annum


REF: DAC895991

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You just love to be right, don't you? You always arrive on time, plan everything to the n'th degree..... Great, this job will be perfect for you.

This role will see you join a business that has a number of things going for it including;

  1. Well-regarded parent company
  2. Leader by far in its category


This is a rare opportunity to make your mark as a Planning Manager with an established and well-regarded food manufacturing company who are not risk averse. In fact, this role will oversee the planning function in a business unit that is currently undergoing a period of change so, if you’ve ever felt the frustrations of knowing you could improve the planning process then now is your chance to make your mark - "how can we make this better?". Specifically, you will flourish in this role is systems is an area you enjoy, “how can we extract more?”, “what if we use it this way”? You will also help lead a system transition project.

When asked about what was good about this role, the answer was the people. On occasion this can be a bland response, however was backed up by a team that you will be managing that have been there between 9 to 11 years giving good longevity, without knowing it all. Additionally, changes in the organisation have meant everyone is learning new ways of working and therefore this is a great time to join them.

If you want to continue your career, this business is excellent at promoting its own internal employees with a dedicated career path plan and numerous examples of this being demonstrated.

The business will offer you great progression opportunities if you are the kind of person to be innovative and make an impact. Naturally service is a crucial element of this role and ideally you will have worked in the food sector.

Please apply with your CV today.

REF. DAC895991

Tel: +44 (0)1625 560778

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