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Planning Manager, Food Manufacturing, London

£50,000 - £55,000 per annum plus Bonus

South East and London

REF: DAC895643

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If this multi-site business were an orchestra, this role would be the Conductor. Don’t like classical music? You will be the metronome.

This newly created role is all about bringing consistency to the newly revamped planning department.

You will work with a business that is currently undergoing a period of change. So, if you have ever felt the frustrations of knowing you could improve the planning process then now is your chance to make your mark, "how can we make this better?". It will help to have a good understanding of systems as theirs are currently being looked at.

If you like variety, Planning Manager will certainly offer you this. A multi-site, multi-customer business means you will have plenty to keep you busy. But of course, you won’t be doing this alone - you will be managing a large team of capable and seasoned Planners & Senior Planners who have been with the business for a good number of years and therefore know their stuff and can help you bed in.

As to the future – there is a marked career path to the next position up so if you have plans (which as Planning Manager you may well have) to become Head of Planning / Supply Chain this business will help you achieve that.

What are they looking for? FMCG Planning experience is important, you will know about the pace of the environment and how quickly plans can sometimes change. Crucially you will be able to manage and develop large teams.

Ever dreamed of being a conductor but don’t own a baton? Apply to this role today.

Ref DAC895643

Tel: +44 (0)1625 560778

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