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Pastry Development Chef - Riyadh

£25,000 - £30,000 per annum plus tax free, accommodation, expenses

Saudi Arabia

REF: FTL895519

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Don’t let the virus ruin your hard work and career options. There is another way in a better place.

We are looking for a skilled and daring Pastry Chef that can join a business that is growing.

My client is expanding despite the recent pandemic that has hit so many good companies hard recently. As such they are looking to open at least three new sites within 12 months from now. This is due to a robust business model, that they have been able to adapt during lockdown. They are at the front of the Middle East coffee café culture and with this Pastry Development Chef position, they hope to kick on to the next level.

Having recently placed within Operations and NPD for them, I have the pleasure in explaining this superb opportunity, that will allow you to work hands-on at the flagship venue in Riyadh, whilst creating a group menu to run through every other site.

Your experience within creative menu design will be needed here. As will your decisive personality and hard work ethic in a busy and on-trend kitchen.

The employer is so confident of their success and the sustainability within the KSA region, that they are willing to provide a three-year contract for this role (usually only one year is provided at the beginning for similar positions within the GCC).

For this opportunity we ask a criteria that you must be able to qualify for. This includes:

• Experience of working at a high culinary standard of Pastry

• A strong understanding of Arabic flavours

• Experience working in the Gulf – an understanding of flavours and culture

• An ability to consider costings and new supplier opportunities to maximise on-trend menu development

• A genuine passion for creativity within cream desserts, cakes, ice cream, short crust and choux

For this role, accommodation and flights are provided if you are travelling into the region from another country. All visas and work permits will be secured before you sign the contract.

We would ask that you consider the move or relocation seriously before applying to this role. Whilst it’s a fantastic opportunity, considering the state of the international hospitality sector at large, it is also a big commitment for anyone willing to make the move. It’s a move that could pave the way for an extremely successful career though.

Ref FTL895519

Tel: +44 (0)1625 560778

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