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Operations Manager, Riyadh, KSA

£45,000 - £50,000 per annum (tax free) Plus housing and car

Saudi Arabia

REF: FTL895283i

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Jack & Jill, people chasing rounds of cheese and Rebekah Vardy's reputation...

All examples of things that have gone downhill, fast!

You can arguably add to that list, the UK Casual Dining sector.

We're having a number of issues concerning politics and the economy in this country right now, and the F&B industry is part of this struggle.

More and more brands are finding the current hospitality landscape challenging to say the least. Here we have an opportunity for an Operations Manager, coming from established restaurant businesses here in the UK, to branch out. Exploring a buoyant and emerging market for hospitality and casual dining... in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our client has tasked me with finding a UK experienced Operations Manager who can install SOPs, manage budgets, staffing needs and get the business ready for its strategic expansion across the region.

It's a business on the up, with a view to grow the brand and open additional sites, it seeks an Operations Manager who has already had success in Britain, ideally. They see the UK candidate's as the blueprint for success and so this position is at the vanguard of this company's plan to install the right systems and operating procedures.

The customer base in Riyadh is expectant, discerning and incredibly welcoming for ex-pats who seek to make a career an adventure. Your experience and successful track record in British brands will assist you as will the tried, tested and trusted work ethos you can instil in those around you.

The benefits to this aren't just monetary (although a house, car and tax free salary goes a fair distance to reducing your stresses), but your background here in the UK is revered so much in KSA, that your actions and strategies will be accepted and put into practice quickly. You can add real equity to your CV for years to come whilst experiencing a new culture and sunnier climes.

If your current career could benefit from this injection of adventure and you want the chance to deploy your qualities in new surroundings, contact me ASAP, and we'll see if we can get your career moving faster than a WAG craving the limelight.

Tel: +44 (0) 1625 560778 REF. FTL895283i

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