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HR Manager, Hampshire

£50,000 - £60,000 GBP per annum


REF: CRA895930

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This is an excellent opportunity to take an active lead in a growing company helping unlock its potential through its people.

Looking for something more than another HR job that boasts a "new, shiny office" with an "industry leading client"?

Then reading about this job is worth two minutes of your time. I do start with a small apology; this is actually an industry leading client in their niche area - however this claim can be backed up by facts.

What makes this job interesting? That will depend on your definition of interesting but working in a comfortable, slow paced, high rise office is what you are after, this isn't for you.

If your definition of better involves being exposed to a manufacturing environment where you will have plenty of autonomy in a fast-moving setting this could be for you. The days will fly by as you are kept busy seamlessly transferring from an ER focus to helping set the HR plan to working on group projects. Slow pace this is not, but if it was that can get quite monotonous, can’t it?

So, if you have got this far, the role should appeal. Due to the nature of the business, you will need to have a background in a fast-paced generalist HR environment. Over and above this ideally CIPD but the key skill is someone who likes to be kept busy and make things happen. If you feel you have that right balance between getting things done but in a professional and respectful manner, that will see you fit in well here.

Being busy can be hard. But its much better than not being busy - send your CV across today to learn more.

REF. CRA895930

Tel: +44 (0)1625 560778

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