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Head of Operations, Food Manufacturing, West Midlands

£low Six Figures plus Car and Bonus

West Midlands

REF: DAC46196

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Newness: adjective - 1. the quality of being new or original

Most adverts you read will be talking about positions going into existing facilities. That is no bad thing, but much like the smell of opening a new book there is something hard to replicate about a new position. Even more so when the facility itself is also new.

This opportunity offers exactly that – the opportunity to go in and create what will become the best in Europe at what it does.

You will help commission and oversee the build of the facility. But arguably that tangible stuff is the easy(ier) part – it’s the intangible that can be tricky. You simultaneously will be recruiting the team that will go on and create the future culture of the site. An opportunity to create and leave a real legacy.

You will have a peer support group from a heritage and well thought of business, with other sites that are good, really allowing you to concentrate on setting out your blueprint of what an excellent manufacturing facility should look like, and then bringing it to life.

This will be an automated food facility, so knowledge of strong Lean and TPM principles will be important. Equally, examples of creating a new work environment and team-based ethos will be crucial. In reality, this will be a visible role in and around the facility too.

If you have experience of leading a food manufacturing facility and want something a bit different or crave newness – please apply to this today.

REF. DAC46196

Tel: +44(0)1625 560 778

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