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Factory Technical Manager, Yorkshire

Location: Yorkshire

County / State: West Yorkshire

Job type: Permanent

Category: Technical

Reference: LMW893716

Consultant: Lucy Mckinna-Whitby

Start date: Asap

Salary: £60,000 - £70,000 per annum


Roll your sleeves up - let's make things right!

Job Description

If you have an all-inclusive approach to your Technical role then we would love to hear from you. By "all-inclusive" I mean that we are looking for a Technical Manager who considers themselves to be a part of the operational team - not a separate entity.

Our client firmly believes that the road to a successful food manufacturing business will only occur if there is no "us and them". If everyone respects and understands everyone else's job then the course will run smoothly.

Hence the title Factory Technical Manager. It may seem to be stating the obvious to you - and if so, we definitely want to hear from you - but this role really does require a lot of factory presence. If you believe in creating paper trails so that the auditors love you, but that is where your role stops then I am afraid you should not apply. However if you have experience of and a belief in the "Right First Time" approach then we would be very interested in hearing from you.

You will have significant experience of managing the technical function within food manufacturing. Ideally you will have worked with most, or at least some, of the major retailers. Customer facing is not a problem for you - you have developed some excellent relationships over the years and are confident that you understand the requirements and can deliver.

Part of the Factory Technical Manager function is to ensure that everyone is trained in every aspect of their role. It is not sufficient to just hand a piece of paper to each employee and ask that they sign it. You must follow this through and ensure that each and every person understands AND implements the new / amended procedure from that point on.

Old habits do die hard and this is an environment where there is a very low turnover amongst the factory team. You will be familiar with the phrase "we have always done it this way" I am sure. Your aim will be to question each and every action and improve where needed.

To do this, your understanding of the whole picture within manufacturing will be essential, as well as your eagerness to be a part of the whole team.

If this sounds like you, then we would love to see your CV. If you have no up to date CV but would like to tell us a bit about yourself to see if your background would be suitable then call our office, by all means and let's talk.

REF. LMW893716 By Focus Management

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