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Engineer, Norfolk

£39,000 - £43,000 per annum

East Anglia

REF: DAC895015f

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This business will help future proof yourself and your skill-set. How?

We hear a lot in the media about robots replacing human workers over the coming years and decades. The scale & details are unknown but rather than worry about it, why not see it as an opportunity?

That's exactly the way this business is viewing it and they want you to help them with it in this Engineer role.

Back to the first question, how will they help future proof you? They have one of the most considered and well thought out personal development plan that has been specifically created for this newly revamped engineering department.

38 hours of standard training provided in first six months whilst on probation (such as HACCP, Food Hygiene refreshers etc)

After probation a personalised five year training plan is put together to enhance your skill set and make you a complete Engineer.

But more than that, do you want to specialise in automation / autonomous maintenance / robots? This business will work with you to develop your skills in this area (the company is currently investing in these areas into their factory).

You will need to have some experience as an Engineer in a manufacturing experience and Engineering Qualifications as they are looking to bolt on advanced knowledge to you, rather than train from scratch.

Apply today - your future self will thank you.

REF. DAC895015f Tel: +44 (0) 1625 560778

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