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Development Chef - Food B2B - Manchester

£35,000 - £40,000 per annum

North West

REF: FTL895473

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To truly innovate, experimentation is required and persistence is key. As a Development Chef here your persistence will pay off!

This Development Chef role is a great option for you, if experimentation and a working knowledge of food science is part of your make-up. As a business that is involved with a huge range of customers all over the world, we're looking to you as the food ambassador. Someone that can bring your creative knowledge and understanding of functional ingredients to a range of food categories.

Its a position that has you working within a great facility, blending, mixing, creaming, kneading and reducing with a ingredients that will radically change the recipe formulation of modern classics and brand new, on-trend food products across both foodservice and retailer offerings.

Whether it be enhancing shelf-life, altering textures, changing consistency or flavour profiles, you'll be hands-on and persistent in your space as the lead culinary developer here.

For this its fair to say a love and deep understanding of functional ingredients is required. You might have worked within an NPD environment already thats developed both your processing and presentation skills, so that this role is the next step to offer you incredible job satisfaction. As you have a say in every food category, there are literally no limits here, as to what you can leave you signature on.

Its your inquisitive and scientific fascination we're most interested in here. Complimented by your commercial acumen as you collaborate with R&D teams, Marketers and key decision-makers at your customers, you will provide significant growth opportunities.

This is a role for a Development Chef who is naturally optimistic. Someone who can knows there is a route to victory, even if at first their site is impeded. So if you're the type of culinary creative that can get genuinely excited at the thought of altering the future benefits of food recipes, you will love this.

A state of the art facility for a role including travel and career progression awaits. Don't wait... have 2020 start in a really positive way. Your CV is the first ingredient.

Ref FLT895473

Tel: +44 (0)1625 560778

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