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Development Chef - Chilled Ready Meals London

£32,000 - £35,000 per annum

South East and London

REF: FTL895332

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Put that yellow tie away Jim...The transfer window has just shut!

Some poor millionaire footballers are left on the sidelines, or stuck in teams they have no passion to play for. After a summer of speculation and rumour, they're left contemplating a season ahead of frustration, boredom and professional mediocrity. #PrayForPlayers

Aren't you lucky you're not a professional footballer hey?!

BUT, you are a valued asset to your team, and you're also a free agent, able to decide your fate and future. Without the interference of a despicable chairman selling your soul to the highest bidder, let's consider your attributes for this new challenge...

You've had a couple of seasons in the top flight now as a Development Chef. Possibly picking up a couple of trophies along the way. Having entered the world of NPD, fresh faced from restaurant kitchens, you've adapted well to the new league and have raised a few eyebrows from those that know.

You've now got a choice... sit tight and hope you cement your place in the current team as you pitch to become a hall of fame candidate in years to come. OR, strike while the irons hot and take your progress to another level, joining a team that expects more and therefore will give more in return for your efforts.

The team I represent are league leaders. They have been operating at the highest level for decades. Firmly routed in Food Manufacturing folk-lore, whose first to market products and food innovations have helped revolutionise the way we eat food with less time available to prepare it.

Its a company that due to continued growth and popularity amongst the UK's major grocery retailers are now adding to their ranks and they want you - an experienced achiever in the NPD sector. Someone who enjoys working through food trends and tribulations. A Development Chef that collaborates productively with their customers, you are not a one season wonder!

Market leading over a number of categories such as Chilled Ready Meals, Prepared Salads or Sweet treats and desserts to name a few, this company is in a great position to welcome new Chefs to their retailer teams. No need to sulk like a spoilt Neymar, instead lets work together and ensure you take your Development Chef career to the next level with the right team.

(apologies for the excessive Football analogy - but the other choice was being an MP in the House of Commons... didn't want to depress you)

Ref FTL895332

Tel: +44 (0) 1625 560778

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