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Development Chef - Chilled Ready Meals and Travel

£30,000 - £35,000 per annum

South East and London

REF: FTL895505a

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True New Product Development in food, with wings!

This role is perfect if you know what a career in New Product Development can provide you with, long term. It's a role that is seeking a Chef who has already experienced the trials and tribulations of taking great ideas and turning the into commercially viable products for mass production.

What are you looking for? Could it be you have had some experience within a particular category and you want to broaden your range now? Have you become a little stagnant where you are, and you're worried you'll lose your creative edge? Perhaps you just need a new environment that inspires you and allows you to work on a variety of cuisines and varied customers?

Whatever your motivation this role could provide the answer.

  • It's producing food products for companies such as Sainsbury's Harrods and Virgin
  • You'll have a say in the design of new additions to menus and chilled ready meal aisles
  • Your culinary expertise is put to the test and rewards you with products being accessed by millions of customers daily
  • You can work across sites, exploring new ranges and various customer needs
  • The business is investing in equipment, technical expertise and infrastructure - which will benefit you in this role immediately
  • You will work collaboratively with customers, exploring the possibilities to meet the commercial brief

Just some reasons you could make your daily work a joy once more.

The business isn't asking for the world in return, but they have some provisos of course...

  • Ideally experience within a food manufacturing environment (airline development or grocery retail)
  • A truly creative chef with ideas for a range of cuisines
  • Creative flair coupled with strong communication skills (presenting ideas and food design to customers)
  • Computer skills - Microsoft Office; Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Strong understanding of current and future food trends
  • Commitment to the cause... do you have a personal pride in delivering your goals?!

So, if you have an eye on a new challenge and you believe you can bring your culinary flair to a new NPD environment, lets hear from you ASAP.

Update your CV and let me know what you want for your career.

I have a feeling, this could be the move that makes sense.

Ref FTL895505a

Tel: +44 (0)1625 560778

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