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Commercial Analyst , London

County / State: London

Category: Sales and Marketing

Reference: LMW894512

Consultant: Lucy Mckinna-Whitby

Start date: Asap

Salary: £33,000 - £34,000 per annum


A perfect role if you have analytical experience with a real understanding of the retail sector...

Job Description

This is one of those roles where we can safely say no two days will ever be the same for you again! You will be the central contact between your office and the customer's office and you will have to keep up to date information on both parties, so you can ensure that both sides know everything there is to know.

Consequently, if you are a business-minded individual who has the ability to get people to trust you and you can find ways of getting your colleagues to open up to you, and keep you in every single loop, then this could be for you.

You are already in a role where your analytical mind is being exercised - this role will take it one step further. Add in the complexity of internal and customer relations and your role is very much the challenge that you are looking for.

We need an individual who has excellent interpersonal skills. You will be no shrinking violet. You can hold your own in the work environment and ensure that you soak up all the information around you so that it can be relayed to the interested parties.

Do you like to be known as the expert in the room - well this is your chance!

As well as the communications side of this role, you will also be encouraged to use your commercial acumen. You will be adept at spotting gaps in the market and comfortable putting your ideas out there to the business. Ideally you will be a self-starter and have an entrepreneurial spirit. If you can't help yourself when you are eating out / shopping / surfing the internet spotting the gaps then you are the sort of person we would like to speak to.

We've touched on the analytical aspect of this role only briefly, however this is also a key part. You will have excellent analytical skills and be strong in Excel - able to translate data from a variety of sources and turn that insight in to action. Your knowledge of sales and being able to forecast future needs will be essential for the business.

If this sounds like the sort of role, that you can see yourself taking on, then we would love to hear from you - remember though, we need you to have:-

  • Excellent measurable analytical skills

  • A thorough working knowledge of Excel

  • Experience of working in or with the retail sector

If you can tick all these boxes send in your CV today - we need to talk!

REF. LMW894512 By Focus Management

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