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Account Executive - Contract Catering

£23,000 - £24,000 per annum plus 30% bonus, car, mobile, healthcare etc

South East and London

REF: FTL895231

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Knock knock!...who's there?...Olive. Olive who?...Olive you!... and I bet you'll love this job too?

That joke should have made you smile... And I'd like to bet you're still smiling at the end of this advert.

Lets start with an obvious truth... You don't realise how good you are! You might know you're a good Chef, but do you know that you have skills easily transferable into a whole new career path?!

Lets see... Do you make key decisions quickly? Do you work well with others and communicate effectively? Can you demonstrate best practice? Can you deliver on time, high quality results to a discerning and demanding customer base who expect 100% every-time?

If you've held it together in a professional kitchen for at least a few years then YES is the answer to all those. This role is a sales position requiring you to use all those skills and to learn a few new ones too.

This position, as Account Executive, will see you working with your peers across central London, predominantly within Contract Catering units based in E(C) and W(C) postcodes. Offering the finest in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ingredients and fine foods. Demonstrating excellent antipasti, vinegars, olive oils, pestos and pastes, you will present and assist tasting sessions - whilst making money! A 30% bonus is available on top of a great salary and benefits package.

As well as this you will have autonomy over your working week. Managing your diary and coordinating all your meetings, you'll never be bored or working in a monotonous daily routine again. This control you'll have, similar to the kitchens you've worked, is great of course, but you can also really affect your earnings. You'll create a customer base from your own network whilst developing the existing accounts and building on solid foundations.

Affecting your ability to earn money, engaging with expectant and appreciative Chef customers, whilst progressing through the ranks and making new friends whilst talking food for a living. You knew those days being grilled whilst on the grill would pay you back one day right?!

If you like the sound of this opportunity, its important to remember being self motivated and having a desire to get in front of customers showcasing your products is key here. Without this drive you won't enjoy the job... but if you have a burning desire to take what you know and use your culinary capabilities onto another level, don't delay - get in touch and lets discuss this exciting possibility to shape a brand new career for you.

Ref FTL895231

Tel: +44 (0) 1625 560778

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