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What's new? We are recruiting

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We are looking for two Recruitment Consultants to join us as Co-Owners.   If you would like to understand more about our business and the opportunities we have for you to become a Co-Owner, we would be very happy to talk to you.

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The market is certainly challenging, but we can report we have just had a record May and June.  We also believe there is significant activity underway this side of the “B” decision. With certain skills and disciplines being in high demand, particularly in the Interim sector.

We are just relocating our Central Manchester office as we make sure we have appropriate space for the next year and we encourage all team members to work from either of our offices, or flexibly from home when required.

In fact, it is this level of trust, and joint commitment, that means people we want stay with us and thrive. EO has made us all refocus on taking accountability for changing what needs to be changed and improve what’s already great.

We have had a real push on working in new sectors and we are very excited by a number of new, progressive organisations we are partnered with.   From Dark Kitchens to AI through to on-trend food categories. We believe the opportunity for the quick of foot SME is great and we are aligned with some of the most exciting new brands in the manufacturing, and Food service sectors.Robot hand

We continue to work with the more well-established organisations and have also increased our activity in the GCC and Australia.

So yes, its exciting times for us here, we are certainly being challenged but we are really galvanised as a team to keep moving forward and now with Employee Ownership, you are dealing with a business full of owners.  What could be better?

Email Lynne today to register your interest.