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What we can learn from football

Gareth Southgate

Although I am not a football fan I’ll happily take note of good leadership skills, which is why I read the BBC News article “Euros 2020: What all of us can learn from Gareth Southgate”. 

In summary, Gareth identified that having a team of like-minded people is great for maximising knowledge and collective uniformity, known as an echo chamber, but it could also be monolithic and non-creative.  He was open to new ideas and looked to the FA Technical Advisory Board, a group of eclectic unpaid diverse volunteers who advise on performance.  The members come from the military, cycling, technology, rowing, rugby and football and offer fresh insights on data, preparation, nutrition, mental health etc. Going off England’s football teams recent performance he’s using the right techniques to maximise performance. So, I decided it was worth using the same thought process. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-57698821

In Focus we have a brilliant team of food industry recruitment consultants, all experts in different aspects of the manufacturing functions.  We want to add to our team and Gareth got me thinking that our next recruit could be someone outside of our echo chamber.  We have been established for over 30 years and have definitely embraced change as we continue to grow and develop the business, with Employee Ownership being key, so why not think outside the box and emulate Gareth Southgate with our next appointment.

Could you add a different perspective to our team?  If you’re an experienced recruiter or sales person and are looking for your next challenge, get in touch so we can discuss what Focus has to offer and how you could help shape the future of our business.


07702 372577 or lynne.wilmot@fmcl.co.uk

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