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Uber Eats Creates New Irish Jobs

hand holding a phone with Uber written on it

Uber Eats looks set to create hundreds of new jobs in Northern Ireland, as the global takeaway service settles a new base there.

The app-based service has partnered with 20 restaurants in Belfast already, bringing new possibilities for local residents.

International delivery service

Uber Eats provides delivery of food to your home, often from restaurants which might not traditionally deliver. The company is already established in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australasia – quite the global scale. Although not as well-known as their sister taxi firm, the delivery channel of the business is certainly gaining a lot of momentum.

people eating round a square table

Now, 20 restaurants in Belfast have signed up to be the first available on the Uber Eats app in the city, including all branches of McDonald’s, Frankie and Benny’s, and Bombay Brasserie. More are likely to be announced after the launch, with other restaurants getting on board should they feel that it represents a good opportunity.

Using the on-demand app, customers can order millions of meals around the world – so long as they are within the delivery range, anyone can order any meal right to their home. The most exciting aspect, however, is that people can also sign up for a food delivery job with the company, getting the meals from A to B as fast as possible.

A spokesman for the firm said that hundreds of new jobs could potentially be created. He said: "We expect hundreds of people to sign up to deliver great local food with Uber Eats over the coming months."

Spreading across the UK

Toussaint Wattinne is the general manager for Uber Eats in the UK. He said, "We're hugely excited to be launching in Belfast... people in the city can now use Uber Eats to get the food they want, when they want it, in just 30 minutes or less. With hundreds of dishes to choose from, Uber Eats has something for everyone, whatever the occasion or location - whether that's dinner at home, breakfast at work or a snack when out with friends. The Uber Eats app is really simple to use and orders are charged straight to your card so there's no need for cash."

There’s been a direct response from Uber Eats’ rivals, Deliveroo, who are the only other takeaway delivery firm available in Northern Ireland. They have revealed that they are going to be expanding their bike delivery operations beyond Belfast, which means more interim food jobs and freelance positions will be available to those in the area.

In comparison to Uber Eats, Deliveroo certainly still holds the market advantage, with more than 100 restaurants across the city partnered with the app already. Recently, the MP for East Antrim, Sammy Wilson, announced that he had met with representatives from the company to talk about their future plans. They are eyeing expansion into Lisburn, Londonderry, and Bangor on top of their current offerings.

This will certainly heat up the takeaway service war which appears to be happening in the city – with delivery men and women needing to decide whether they will get a better deal and more pay with one app or the other. Being an early adopter of Uber Eats could give you an advantage, but on the other hand, with only 20 restaurants to order from, it might soon become a scrum to be the first one on the job.

The other choice to make, of course, is whether a temporary job in the gig economy is the right fit for you. The introduction of these services could boost more permanent jobs in kitchens across Belfast.