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Tulip Signs Deal With Co-Op

black patch piglet in a muddy field

Meat processing company Tulip has just announced the signing of a new deal with the Co-op, which will see them supplying all of the grocery stores with nine sausage lines. The premium own-label fresh products will be appearing from September 2019.

Higher welfare pork

Underlining the fact that the Co-op care about where their products come from, all nine of the lines will be sourced from UK farms and will only use higher-welfare pork. This is assured by the RSPCA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Tulip already has a rolling supply contract with the Co-op which was first established in April 2018. This latest deal builds on that and offers new lines for the company, which will be a great boost for Tulip’s production facilities.

Tulip also recently saw recognition from the industry as they won the Site Team of the Year Award at the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards 2018.

“I am absolutely delighted that Co-op have made the decision to award us with their premium sausage business , demonstrating our strong strategic partnership,” said the Chief Executive of Tulip, Andrew Cracknell. “This is a vote of confidence in our ability to deliver and comes at a time when we are proactively developing our fresh sausage operations with new investment.”

It is not believed that there will be any particular boost to jobs as a result of the new contract – or, at least, nothing has yet been announced. If it should be decided that new positions will be available, we will be sure to keep you informed on our news channels.

Keep an eye there if you are interested in working for this kind of company, which is known for producing high-quality meats for customers up and down the country.

Happy relationship

The news is good on both sides, with the companies issuing multiple statements about how happy they are to be continuing to work together.

“We are looking forward to bringing our traditional craftsmanship and passion for great-tasting food to Co-ops premium own-brand sausage offering, which forms part of Co-op’s commitment to supplying shoppers with 100% British higher-welfare RSCPA-approved pork products,” said Zoe Bruce, who is the Customer Director for the Co-op with Tulip. She will have had a direct hand in making this deal happen, and so has plenty to gush about.

“Co-op is delighted to further build its relationship with Tulip as they support us with our premium sausage range,” said Adrian Prior, who is the Category Trading Manager at Co-op. “Extending our long-term strategic partnership will enable us to work with them on developing sales of this important category.”

What can you do if you would like to increase your chances of working at a company like Tulip, particularly in the higher echelons? We have a lot of advice for candidates who are looking for work in our candidates section, so be sure to give that a read and pay particular attention to how to make your CV as attractive as possible.

In general, however, there are two things that always stand out on a potential employee’s profile. The first of these is their experience, and the second is their training. If you can take part in a course or even undertake a degree which will boost your knowledge in your chosen sector, it is usually a good idea.

Of course, one of the biggest things that can disqualify a candidate early on is the failure to correctly fill out an employment application, or errors which are clearly visible on a CV – so always double-check!