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Tenzing Launching New Flavours

close up of coffee beans

Energy drink company Tenzing is set to launch two new flavours just two years after launching with their original ‘natural’ flavour. The news comes after their first round of investment – as the company was entirely self-funded during the initial run.

New variants

The two new flavours are British Raspberry and Japanese Yuzu. Yuzu is a type of Japanese citrus fruit which is often used in cooking. The flavours will have “the same triple hit of natural caffeine, electrolytes and Vitamin C” which included in the original recipe.

Founder Huib von Bockel was a former marketing director at Red Bull, but he believed that it was possible to create an energy drink which did not use synthetic caffeine. To this end, he launched the brand in 2016. Perhaps not surprisingly given his skill set, the company has already gone from strength to strength.

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The energy drink is stocked in Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, and Asda already. As of the 15 May this year, Tenzing announced that they have also agreed on partnerships with the Co-operative Retail Group and Morrisons, putting them in most supermarket chains in the UK.

Environmental focus

“Being an environmentally conscious brand we are keen to source our key ingredients from the UK, like our sparkling water, raspberry juice from Scotland and our locally grown beet sugar,” said van Bockel. “Other important functional ingredients like green coffee, green tea, Himalayan Rock Salt and Indian Gooseberries we ship in from abroad.”

The energy drink was named after famous Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who was part of the two-man team which first scaled Mount Everest. As the highest mountain in the world, this was a significant achievement which has gone down in the history books.

This gives them a real marketing whammy: a historical name which certainly puts one in mind of high energy, the environmentally conscious angle, and also the all-natural ingredients. Both of the latter elements are extremely popular with consumers at the moment, who are looking to save the planet as well as going greener in their own diets. The avoidance of chemicals and synthetic materials is likely to sway many consumers to a product such as this, replacing what they already drink.

And even for those who do not mind much about saving the planet or eating green, there is another element to focus on: the fact that the drink is made with British-grown elements as far as possible, allowing it to represent a boost for our nation’s economy.

The business has already grown during the short time that it has been in operation. In the last year alone, the team has nearly tripled, going from just five to a new total of 14. Companies like this one who are in their infancy still, and want to find the right talent which will help them grow well, can get advice about recruitment from our experts.

If you think you may have heard of Tenzing before, it would not be surprising. The company has recently launched a large-scale advertising campaign across London’s buses and Underground stations, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and inside stores. They are aiming to continue a pattern of rapid growth as they move through 2019 and beyond.

This is a company that is worth watching, as they clearly know how to climb the sales ranks quickly.