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Still here after 22 years...

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Who’d have thought that after 22 years I’m still working for the same company?  So, what is it that has kept me here – am I that good at my job? – a flexible can do employee? – or do I just fit?  I’d like to think all of them, but I reckon it’s that I just fit with the company, its values and most of all the people.  After all, we spend more time with the people at work than our own families, and yes, I’ve been heard to say this before. 

I kinda fell into my role at Focus, I’d been off travelling for a year and then convinced Stephen at interview “to give me a chance” 😊  I’ve always been a bit of a chatterbox but also able to listen and help others so over the years my role developed into HR, and Focus funded and supported me in achieving my CIPD level 5.  We all have our worries at home and work, and I hope being there for someone to talk to, share the worry has helped.

As you can imagine in recruitment, people come and go and I am lucky to say I work and have worked with some amazing, inspiring people, it’s a tough job as a consultant and I take my hat off to them all.  But it’s the people that make Focus great and even more so now that we are Employee Owned, we all get a say in how the business works and grows.  As cliché as it sounds, we are a family, we don’t always agree but what family does? but we’re all in it together striving to be the best we can possibly be.  People make the world go round, we all have an opinion and that’s what makes us interesting and diverse. 

Employee ownership means alot to us at Focus and although we are not able to celebrate our first anniversary and EO day on 26th June all together as planned, we will certainly make sure we mark the occasion in ‘Zoom’ style.