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Reflections on the current situation we all face

Autumn trees reflecting in a pond of water

Since late 2019 and the first Covid articles started to appear, the speed of change we have experienced has been incredible.  The news from around the world continues to dumbfound, with the latest horrors being played out on American streets with the murder of George Floyd.  And we are still horrified and deeply troubled by the Environmental challenges we all face.  But maybe it is the all-inclusive nature of these three huge agenda issues that allows us to hope that now is the time we will all do something to make a difference.  Yes, to improve our personal position, but more importantly that of all of us.

The majority of Focus news feeds and posts normally relate to jobs, or successes or promotion of our business, and rarely do we promote our own thoughts.  But the enforced lockdown has allowed us all at Focus to reflect, learn, listen and plan for how we come back, stronger, better and more compassionate to all we encounter.

There is no magic cure to the virus or the systemic racism we see and learn about, or the heating of our planet.  But we will be better informed, more aware than ever of the health, well-being and equitable way we treat everyone we come into contact with and we will push even harder with our environmental initiatives that have already moved us on so far.

Focus are planning for a return to a business world with so many uncertainties.  But we are certain of this; we will be stronger, wiser and more prepared than ever to help and support all members of our broader business community as we strive for a better outcome.

We would also like to learn from others; so please get in touch if you have ideas to share, initiatives to encourage or views and ideas we can debate.  Our world needs to be better than the one we accepted only a few months ago and that is all our responsibility.

Click here for a video we put together which summarises many of the themes and thoughts we have.

Please feel free to get in touch with us  stephen.jones@fmcl.co.uk