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New Gin Distillery Construction Underway

glass of gin with limes cut up near by

A new gin distillery is under construction for Halewood Wines & Spirits, with a £1 million investment in the heart of Liverpool.

The site will produce the Liverpool Gin brand, and will also feature a visitor’s centre where guests can watch the gin being made.

New ‘Gin Lab’

It is expected that 15 new jobs will be created at the site, which is situated inside a Grade II listed building. The visitor’s centre will include some exciting features, such as two bars – one for premium gin and one for dark spirits. There will also be a ‘Gin Lab’ on site, where visitors will get the chance to make their own spirits. This is sure to be a strong selling point, and could make it a very popular tour destination.

Purple drink with ice cube and thyme in

The project was headed up by architects from Warrington and interior designers from DV8 Designs, who worked closely with Halewood to come up with a design that suited the brand. Contractors Medlock FRB from Oldham have been working on the site since the 28th August. The choice to use an existing Grade II building will certainly enhance the experience, and will it will have presented some limitations to the design, it is sure to bring  more than it takes away.

Emily Kelly is the general manager at Liverpool Gin Distillery. She said, “This is such an exciting time; we can’t wait to get to work on the distillery and see it all coming together. Liverpool Gin is much loved throughout the city and we’ve had amazing feedback since the announcement of the new distillery; there is a real buzz in the air about the redevelopment and all it will have to offer.”

Not least of which has been the 15 new jobs created at the site. Kelly said that the new staff members are now in training at their existing distillery site, which is looking set to expand thanks to a focus on new product development within the brand.

“Innovating and developing the Liverpool Gin range will be a big part of what we’re doing at the distillery, so watch this space for more exciting new flavours and limited-edition gins,” Kelly added. The possibility of further expansion is a bright one for staff members and for those who are looking for work in the area, as it means there is a strong possibility of their workforce growing in the near future as new additions are made.

Beer and gin key markets

Meanwhile, reports have shown that beer and gin are set to be two key markets for export success when it comes to British brands. The report from GS1 UK, a supply chain and data standards organisation, shows that Halewood are certainly heading in the right direction.  

“With official Government figures showing that £22bn of it was sent overseas in 2017, there is clearly a lasting taste for British products and our members have optimistic expectations for the coming years,” said Gary Lynch, who is the chief executive of GS1, about the demand for British goods. “Whisky and salmon are very much our export staples, but the thirst for our beer and gin also continues to intensify.”

This is good news for the company, as it offers strong hope that their investment will be recouped quickly thanks to strong and lasting sales. It’s certainly important for the British economy that those export staples, which are much in demand around the world, continue to buoy up our trade over time as we approach the final Brexit decisions and the uncertainty that lays ahead.