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New French partner for IFR-a...

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Since inception, Focus has worked on International as well as UK recruitment assignments.  With so many clients being International in their outlook, it has always been important for us to mirror them with our offer.  We have recruited in every Continent in our history and still work on a significant number of assignments across the Globe.  A core area for us though is Europe.  Our strategy here was to find like minded partners, specialist Food recruiters who understood their local market, who worked with a similar breadth of clients and who also wanted to work on European projects. 

Since the start IFR-a have shared assignments, worked mutually and delivered excellent results to a large cadre of Clients.  Not only that, we have learnt a great deal from each other, having organised exchanges for Consultants and regular meetings to see how each organisation function whilst picking up techniques to improve our way of working.

We have set a clear goal to expand the network across Europe and now beyond, and are actively talking to a range of companies to gauge their interest and fit.

We are delighted that we have just secured a partner for France.  With LeaderIA International Search joining us.  They bring real expertise from the Agri and Food side and will be a real asset to the Alliance.

This will give clients greater opportunity of securing the best candidates for their specific roles from a stronger European base as each IFR-a partner brings their local knowledge and experience to provide the best international solutions. Uniform in recruitment approach, all partners follow the same principles for selection and candidates will undertake very similar processes before representation to clients.

As a multi-lingual and multi-cultural Alliance we are able to understand the needs of clients and candidates, by combining local knowledge and international perspective.  If you would like to find out more about IFR-a and how it could help you in your selection process as a client or candidate, please contact Abbi Taylor - abbi.taylor@fmcl.co.uk