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New dining club for babies

Baby asleep in someones arms

New mothers can find a new haven to dine with their babies through dining club Nibble+Squeak, the perfect option for those who love to eat out.

Young families can be a hassle when going out to restaurants – causing noise, throwing food on the floor, and generally attracting unwanted attention. But a new dining club aims to change all that, giving mothers and their babies the chance to dine out in style – and in private.

Restaurant Takeovers

Whole restaurants or private dining rooms are booked out by the club, so that mothers and young children can easily dine out without disturbing others. Whether they are on solid food or still breastfeeding, it’s a haven where acceptance is key.

image of a cafe and people in it

Having started off in New York in January 2016, Nibble+Squeak is the brainchild of Melissa Elders. She is the mother of a young daughter, Serena, and quickly found it difficult to meet friends for lunch or dinner with Serena in tow.

“Food was a central way to explore my new neighbourhood, so I would eat lunches on the go with my baby in the carrier. But I found that I avoided sit-down restaurants unless I was with family or friends, and thought: if only I could create a built-in support system, plus a little extra privacy, I could enjoy lunch out with baby and meet some other parents like me,” she says.

Regular Meetings

Edlers is now running events in New York on a regular basis, including exciting restaruants such as Luksus, which has a Michelin star. With a new base in London, there are also plans to launch in Glasgow next, as well as other cities around the UK and US.

We’re hoping to build a global Nibble+Squeak community,” says Elders.

Each event has a different feel: there are tasting menus and weekday brunches, formal evening meals and boozier nights out. Both mums and dads are invited, so there’s no worry about having a designated driver for the evening.

“We help to welcome families in all kinds of ways: availability of highchairs and changing stations, accessibility for strollers, privacy for rocking or nursing or feeding, even settling the bill in advance so you can leave when you or your baby have had enough,” says Elders.  

The idea is to create a supportive environment so that new parents don’t quite have to leave their old lives behind. Rather than shelling out for babysitters, or avoiding fine dining altogether, they can now have the best of both – with no complaints from the rest of the room.

“Having a nice dining experience in the company of other new parents is a real treat at a time in life when you definitely need it,” says Anne Bowman, mum to Harper, who runs London’s Nibble+Squeak. “It feels a bit like the 'old me’ in my new adventure and I think a lot of parents – especially new parents – crave a bit of their old life after the initial shock of a baby.”

New Opportunities

If you would like to be involved in an exciting new venture like this, be sure to check our jobs board, where we have plenty of opportunities for those looking to get started in the food industry. Whether you are more on the management skills side, or want to get stuck in to making the food itself, you can apply for positions through us.

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