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Manchester Vegan Fair Hosts 10 Beers

glass bottles in a wooden crate

A vegan food fair in Manchester will play host to 10 different varieties of vegan beers.

The festival, which is called Grub, will take place at the end of January.

Wholesome Alcohol Choices

Whoever said vegans don’t have any fun has clearly not seen the line-up for GRUB 2017. The pop-up food fair is hosting a special vegan-themed event called ExtraVEGANza, which will include weekly street food markets as well as various other venues.

Pint of beer on a stone coloured background

Grub is back for the foodies of Manchester to enjoy, and looks set to be a smash hit this year. It will be focused around Alphabet Brewing Co, close to the Piccadilly rail station, for the ExtraVEGANza, which rounds off so-called “veganuary”. This is a chance for those who are normal vegetarian or carnivore to spend the month eating only plant-based foods, eschewing all animal products. It’s a fantastic health detox to kick off the new year after all the indulgences of the festive season, and also provides an opportunity for those interested in the vegan lifestyle to give it a taster.

The week of vegan fun will kick off on the 28 January, and a group of traders have put together special vegan menus in order to take part in the food fair. They have mezze platters, desserts, and more ready and waiting for those who are avoiding animal products or just want to give something new a try.

Exciting Menu Changes

If all of this sounds fun to you, then you might want to know what will be on the menu. Alphabet have come up with 10 new vegan beers just for the event. You may not be aware that most beers are created with fish products, but these are all done without the use of any animal whatsoever. Their menu will also include their usual range of ciders, wines, and cocktails.

You can also enjoy panzerotti turnovers, described as being similar to calzones, at Fritto, and xian bing pies at Oh Mei Dumpling. Tacos will be made specially vegan by Yakumama, and The Ottomen are putting together a special mezze board. Manjit’s Kitchen, based in Leeds, will be creating a range of Punjabi treats for visitors to enjoy.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can head to Blawd Bakehouse and In Truffle We Trust for cakes and chocolates, respectively. You can go for a take-away from The Pasta Factory, as the Italian restaurant will have vegan pastas and cheeses in stock, while Los Antijitos will offer Mexican salsas and hot sauces.

An Event For All

The event is not just for vegans, but could also provide exciting new experiences for those who have never tried a vegan diet. The stalls will be open from 12pm to 10pm on the 28th, and entry will be free.

Jason Bailey, director of GRUB, said: “We have so many vegan fans we really wanted to help them celebrate 'veganuary' as well as show you can have amazing, tasty grub without any animals being involved. It looks like it’s going to be very popular so we’d recommend getting down early!”

If you want to get involved with pop-up events like this one, look out for interim food jobs in the UK and around the world. This is a great way to get a lot of experience on the job as well as to potentially meet future employers. If you have your own new ideas, so much the better! You may also be able to look for more permanent chef jobs with the vendors and restaurants who take part in the event.