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LWC Drinks Creates 50 New Food Jobs

manufacturing facility

LWC Drinks announced recently that they have purchased a new warehouse and manufacturing facility, measuring 46,134 m2. They plan to move the company’s operations to the new location this summer, where they will create as many as 50 new jobs in the first year alone.

Oldham site for makeover

The Galaxy 173 plant and depot in Chadderton, Oldham, is the new site which LWC Drinks has acquired. They will be giving it a total overhaul, from a new layout and warehouse management system right the way through to a new name.

LWC say that the move will equate to a total cost of £12 million, but that this is a solid investment in the company’s future. A spokeswoman also claimed that they would be creating up to 50 new food jobs, like these, in the first year of production there.

The current LWC site is in Openshaw, just ten minutes away from the new site, so it is likely that current staff will not be affected. It is also just ten miles from the Manchester city centre area, as well as being well placed in regards to the M60. This will be a big boost for their distribution operations.

The modern and innovative site they are planning to create will be twice the size of the Openshaw property, which will help them to cope with increasing demand with regards to stock storage and distribution volume.

Famous drinks brands

LWC Drinks work with a number of very big names in the drinks business. These include brands such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Red Bull, Capri Sun, Lucozade, Schweppes, and Pepsi. 

“LWC Drinks is thrilled to announce that it is relocating to a substantially larger site in Oldham," said Managing Director Ebrahim Mukadam.  "After another year of impressive growth, in which we outgrew our current site, the time has come to move to a site that provides the growth room we need, in an environment that will support and drive business efficiencies. The new Manchester Hub and distribution centre marks a huge moment in LWC’s journey, highlighting to staff and business partners how, even in these uncertain Brexit times, business can still prosper, and industry demand remains strong. We look forward to welcoming colleagues and customers to the new site next year.”

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LWC Drinks were able to turn over £345 million in the year up to September 2019, which was a 15% rise on previous annual turnover. They have seen continued growth over the last five years without a break. Their forecast is a steady 10% increase for the year ending in September 2020. With a big purchase like this one opening the way for future improvements, it could be expected that another year of progress will follow.