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Job Growth For Fitness Nutrition Company

man and woman doing one handed plank

Power Body Nutrition, a wholesale sports supplement distributor, have managed to increase their turnover to the point of being able to hire new staff and push for further growth.

A six-figure investment from part of the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund allowed them to achieve double-digit turnover growth for the first time.

Huge sales results

The York-based fitness nutrition company saw their sales increase by a huge 40% in the 18 months after receiving £200,000 from NPIF – Mercia Debt Finance. They have used the funding to scale up their purchases of stock, upgrade to a brand new IT system to fuel their backend and automation, and create a total of 11 new sales and marketing jobs, amongst other positions.

Their total headcount now stands at 46, and they are ready to move on to the next phase of their development. They now have plans to enter the vitamin supplement market. This is another facet of the sports nutrition sector which is hugely popular. Consumers are increasingly looking for the right supplements and nutritional aids, particular on the back of a surge of popularity of fitness accounts on social media. With many celebrities and influencers doing fitness tie-ins to promote the brands that they use, there is plenty of interest in getting hold of the next big thing – or a classic that really works.

Power Body Nutrition also have plans to create their own bespoke stocking system, so that they can have a model which is easily transferrable to other businesses. They then hope to be able to sell it to other wholesalers and distributors to give them an extra source of income and profit.

Great support

Sean Hutchinson is the Senior Manager at British Business Bank. He said: “Power Body Nutrition exemplifies a great NPIF investment. In the time we’ve been working with the company, it has helped boost the local economy by achieving double-digit turnover growth and creating 11 new jobs in the York region. We look forward to continuing our work with the business as it eyes further growth in the popular supplement market.”

The Investment Manager at Mercia Debt Finance, Ian Atkinson, also had plenty of good things to say about the company. “Diversifying the product range and attracting new talent has certainly paid off for Power Body Nutrition. Following the success of the initial investment, it now has the opportunity to tap into new revenue streams within the wholesale market.”

It’s clear that there are going to be more food recruitment opportunities coming up at Power Body Nutrition soon, which is great news for those living in York. Their continued success also means good news further down the supply chain, where other companies will be benefiting from the extra sales both on a local and international level.

Power Body Nutrition also sell directly to consumers through their website. This is set up to allow customers to shop through various categories, such as choosing the type of supplement they want, the most popular supplements on offer, or even what their particular fitness goals might be. They can be filtered by women’s fitness, muscle growth, weight loss, athletic performance, health and wellness, lean muscle, flexible dieting, and enhanced muscle.

Their food products on offer include protein bars from brands such as Grenade, sugar-free syrups and other sweet foods, brownie mixes, flapjacks, cookies, stevia powder, and even barbecue sauce. You could also pick up items such as coffee creamer, caramel dips, jell-o, peanut butter, and salad dressings. Everything is sold with a fitness and health perspective, such as added protein or additives to help with recovery.