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Is a big Bird a thing of the past?

Roast turkey with all the trimmings

I was always taught not to believe everything you read and use your intuition and intellect to interpret the meaning between the lines.  But if I did believe the news, big birds are out this Christmas. 

Things go in and out of fashion, but this one is troubling, and with my Vegan predilection I have to say the thought of a large bird weighing down our Christmas table with all the trimmings doesn’t make my mouth water.  But for many in the industry, let alone those calculating how many hours they need the oven on for, after stuffing and basting the whopper, this will come as a nasty dilemma.

As we now have the "only 3 households" family rule in play for England/and other UK countries and the principality, what other Christmas delights will shrink in size or become superfluous to requirements in this “have yourself a merry little Christmas”?

Take Advocaat (and personally, not the view of Team Focus obviously, I wish someone would), my Great Aunt Lily used to in vibe it in vast quantities starting on Christmas Eve breakfast to keep her going.  If Great Aunts aren’t allowed out at as a consequence of Covid and we are limited in our guest list, perhaps there will be less poor souls, like me, having to make the treacherous last minute run out to get a bottle from the corner shop at a ridiculous price, after realising last year’s left over bottle’s supposed liquid custardy texture had changed to lumps.

No, Christmas lunch and all the accoutrements will be scaled down but perhaps the delivery drivers for home shopping will be cheering as they think their backs will survive to Christmas.  And perhaps the supermarket dash will be done with the modest half trolley rather than the juggernaut one for those who still like to get amongst it – socially distanced obviously.

In these challenging times I am not for one minute discounting or making light of the seriousness and worries we all face, I’m just curious, what item will definitely not be bought in your house if it is a scaled down gathering for a festive meal?

In my house I have two products that will not be making an appearance at the table on Christmas Day; Advocaat and Brandy butter.  What will you now not need to buy?