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Iceland Announces Wigan Food Warehouse

warehouse of tyres with two yellow forklift trucks moving the tyres

Iceland have announced that they will be opening a new Food Warehouse in Wigan, bringing new jobs to the area.

Up to 30 positions could be available at the site in Marus Bridge Retail Park, which is expected to open for business in September 2018.

Food Warehouse Opening

Iceland has dubbed the Food Warehouse “Iceland’s bigger little brother”. It’s a new concept which combines great value fresh, ambient, and frozen food deals with the convenience of bulk buying. There are more than 3,000 product lines featured in this new spin-off of the supermarket chain, catering to just about everyone.

Adding to the convenience factor, all of the stores are open until at least 8pm every night of the week, which means you can even go there after you’ve finished work or picked the kids up from various afterschool activities. It’s also useful for business owners who need to restock bulk items such as cleaning tools and chemicals, food items for staff, and so on.shelves filled with boxes and filesOther features of the store include ‘When It’s Gone, It’s Gone’ deals, representing a one-off offer which won’t be brought back as a permanent product line – usually including a large selection of household items. These are sure to be amongst the most popular deals available via the stores, which have a reasonable turnover of stock to ensure there is always something new for shoppers.

After just four years since its inception, the Food Warehouse brand now includes more than 60 stores across the UK. There are no signs that Iceland are going to slow down any time soon, either, with this new launch announcement being just one of many. If you’re looking to work with the brand but don’t live near Wigan, you can probably get the opportunity to apply somewhere closer to home in the near future.

New job opportunities

There are sure to be some great new food job opportunities available when the Food Warehouse opens up in Wigan. The company have promised some fantastic employee benefits right from the start.

These include a starting pay of £8.62 per hour, which is nearly £1 above the current National Minimum Wage and therefore represents a great opportunity even without other additions. Up to 28 days of holiday will be allowed annually, and staff can also enjoy a 10% discount on already cheap products.

On top of that, anyone who is interested in management roles will have the opportunity to provided to progress to that stage in the future, as they will be trained in all aspects of the store operation rather than specialising in only one area. This will also serve as a fantastic training process should there be employees who are thinking about transferring their skills to a different company in the future.

The Recruitment Manager at The Food Warehouse, Lee Carroll, said: “We’re looking for exceptional candidates to join us across a number of roles here in Wigan. It’s an exciting time to join The Food Warehouse as we rapidly expand our business across the UK. In addition to some fantastic employee benefits, as a brand we believe in nurturing talent from within the company and have a number of schemes available to help ambitious team members achieve their goals. We would encourage anyone interested in finding out more to get in touch.”

The jobs are being advertised now and so time is of the essence for those hoping to apply. It’s thought that the positions will be filled quickly, with many candidates hoping to work for the large and stable brand for the longer term.