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Helping you and making a donation to the NHS

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Focus have seen a steady increase in requests for Interims in the last three weeks.  Roles vary but cover Technical, Health and Safety, Engineering and Production roles on day and night shifts.    We have developed a geographical breakdown of Interims available now and in daily commuting distance from your sites, negating the requirement to consider accommodation.   

A number of roles have come about due to sickness absence and positively, increased orders.

Our Interims are all proven, well referenced, keen to support the food industry and geographically near you.

The team at Focus want to thank you for the invaluable work you are doing feeding the nation and we would like to show our gratitude to the NHS, by making a donation of 10% of any fee we receive as a direct result of Covid,  whilst in lockdown.

If you would be interested in finding out more, please email (consultants@fmcl.co.uk) or phone us (01625 560778) and we would be delighted to talk through what we can do.

Keep safe.

The Focus Team