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Get to know our team - Hannah Jackson

Hannah Jackson and soup and drink and dog

Hannah has worked for Focus since 2013. During this time, she has only strengthened her already impressive skill set. Having focussed her recruiting efforts into one area purchasing and procurement has enabled her to develop a vast network of both clients and candidates. She spent the first part of her 16-year long career in the FMCG sector and refined that further by focussing on the food and drink industry as a whole. Whether this is packaging, ingredients, raw materials, indirect services, interim solutions, or logistical companies.

food factories

Hannah has loved immersing herself in the processes that drive a food or drink business to be able to deliver a finished product. Her duration within the industry ensures that her knowledge continues to expand. Knowing that everything we either buy of the shelf or eat in a restaurant, hotel or food to go setting needs to be procured by someone whether that is the ingredients that go into the actual product or the machines that make the product. Understanding these processes and the environment within the business allows Hannah to ensure that she matches the right candidate with the right business.

Why has Hannah been so successful, in let us be honest, an industry that sees lots of change? Recruitment is a tough job to do and not everyone can be successful doing it. However, having immersed herself in it for 16 years she can attribute her success to a few factors but the biggest overriding one is the ability to build relationships with candidates and clients with integrity, honesty, and trust.

She prides herself on her relationship skills – Hannah is still in regular contact with numerous candidates she placed many years ago in a junior level role and is now supporting them to recruit their team, now they have progressed in their career. Recruiting for Hannah is not just about filling the job, it is also about building that relationship and ensuring that when that person is ready to recruit, they already know who they are going to ask for help.

Highlights of Hannah’s career include – seeing a junior placed candidate move up through the ranks and become a client, always filling more than one job with a client, building a strong network of successful purchasing and procurement professionals and working for a business that has integrity.


Whether you are a client in a blue-chip branded organisation, or a start-up fledgling business Hannah’s extensive network will certainly provide you with options to develop your team and business.

What is also interesting is how current affairs have such a huge impact on the purchasing and procurement side of things. Those who don’t work in our industry don’t always realise the impact that a few sunny days can have - or if the country a client gets their raw ingredients has unusual weather how that can impact on the price of the raw ingredients and ultimately the end product price. There is little going on in our world that does not impact our clients and Hannah has spent the last 16 years getting to understand just how much that can impact everyone involved from the raw ingredients business right through to the customer who goes into the supermarket to buy their food shopping.

If you are looking to fill a role or even need some advice on the recruitment process your business is undertaking then please get in touch with Hannah today via email or phone 07702 372469.

Hannah Jackson and dog