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Focus Announcement - New Managing Director

Maneeza Williams and Focus logo

I wanted to bring you up to speed with an important decision we have made at Focus.

Our move to an Employee Owned business model in 2019 offered every member of the team a chance to develop and grow. We set a clear strategy to take the long-term view for the benefit of all, seeing continuity and internal succession as the best way to grow and develop the business.

After founding Focus 30 years ago, I am absolutely delighted to announce the appointment of Maneeza Williams as the new MD of our food and drink recruitment consultancy. Many of you will know her, having worked with her as clients or indeed candidates. She joined Focus some 16 years ago and has delivered consistent levels of professionalism in all the roles she has performed. She has also played an intrinsic role in shaping the business we are now.

Her appointment has been welcomed by everyone of her colleagues, who are delighted for her and the business.

She will take over her role from January 2021 with me continuing to support the business in a Founder role offering any guidance and support I can and also leading several projects the business wish me to deliver on.

Maneeza and I will no doubt have a more personal connection to you in the coming weeks, but I wanted to communicate this exciting news in as complete way as possible.

Whilst 2020 was challenging for all of us and 2021 will offer a degree of uncertainty, I am delighted to say that Focus has continued to prosper and grow, working with a broader cross section of clients than ever before and we are retained for a significant number of senior unadvertised positions in the UK and Internationally.

If this update about my successor, prompts you to think about your own requirements then we would be delighted to talk to you.

Stephen Jones

07831 310354