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Focus' advice on Video interviews

Two dogs doing a zoom call

More and more of our clients are interviewing and indeed making offers virtually via Zoom or Video interviews, so we thought we would give you our top tips on how to be prepared for the process.

Focus tip 1 - Download and Get Familiar With The App

It is important you know your way round the app you are going to use, how to mute for instance or how to reconnect should you lose contact.  All apps have different styles and quirks, so please try it out a few times before the interview.

We’ve had a few last-minute calls, saying people haven’t had the invite data, make sure you can get personal invites and indeed know how to send them.

Focus tip 2 – Background

If you are struggling to find an appropriate background in real time, then you can download a virtual background.  Be careful not to go too novelty or distracting.  Sitting by a pool, might be amusing for a few seconds, but has the taint of novelty socks about it.

Focus tip 3 – Audio

Make sure audio is working it seems such a simple thing , but it is embarrassing when you have to be reminded you are on mute or they can’t hear you. 

Know how to mute the video if background noise suddenly increases Cmd+Shift+A (PC: Alt+A) to mute/unmute your audio.

Focus tip 4 - Have a Professional Profile Name

We have over the years seen lots of embarrassing, and in fact sometimes rude, email addresses.  It doesn’t help to set the right impression.

Focus tip 5 – Distractions

Close everything else on your Computer or Laptop especially emails so you are not distracted.  If you are on your phone, consider turning off your notifications and email.  This will avoid a slow down in the quality of the video and equally important will stop buzzing or alert chimes.  You would in a face to face interview so treat this the same.

Focus Tip 6 - Practice with a Friend, Record It and Replay It.

Practice Makes Perfect! and the more you practice the more confident you will become.  Ask a friend to help and give them some questions to ask you. 

The record option is a great way to review and get better, and is easy to do.  You can see your body language, check the lighting and background, if you are looking at the camera etc

Focus tip 7 - Take It Seriously

As we have said, we have had candidates during Lockdown get offers with all interviews happening virtually.  This will become more the norm so don’t assume this video interview will just be an introductory chat or precursor to the real event. 

So, treat it as you would a face to face event.  Dress appropriately, do not have anyone in the vicinity who can distract you, turn off anything that could interrupt you.

We believe more and more of our interviews and those of our clients, will take place via Zoom or similar media formats post Covid Lockdown.  This is the future.

We hope these Focus Tips help you hone your food and drink job interview techniques and get the job you deserve.

Team Focus