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Daring Foods Faces Future Growth

zoomed in picture of Orange hen

Scottish food company Daring Foods are facing a bright future of growth after securing their first distribution deal.

The meat alternatives start-up signed a deal with foodservice wholesaler Lomond Fine Foods, which will go some way towards their lofty ambitions.

New production

The current research and development facility at vegan brand Daring Foods has seen a lot of extra work very recently. After creating bespoke menus for its foodservice arm, the team were able to sign a deal with Lomond Fine Foods which will see their products going out to over 300 locations during the first quarter of 2019.

chicken burger in a bun

This is big news for the start-up, which is based in Glasgow. It means that they are likely to require more staff in jobs in the near future, with potential for even further growth down the line. They have also revealed that they are in the late stages of negotiation with a big UK supermarket chain, and will be able to make an announcement on that front shortly. This will mean that their meat-free range is available for vegan and curious consumers across the UK.

The co-founders have lofty ambitions. They say that by 2020 – just one year from now – they want to have supplied the equivalent of 10% of the population of the UK with their plant-based food alternatives.

They produce a range of faux dishes such as chicken, fish, and red meat. They are created from wheat protein, potato protein, and a blend of herbs and spices to produce the right flavour. The products are vegan-friendly, meaning that they contain no dairy or eggs as well as no meat, but they also have other health benefits. They do not contain any palm oil, any hormones, any antibiotics, or any genetically modified organisms.

The business states that they also take care to ensure that their foods have a minimal impact on the environment. Their meatless burger requires around 75% less water, 92% less land usage, and the generation of 85% lower greenhouse gas emissions than the kind made from real cows.

“I’m naturally excited to announce our partnership with Lomond Foods, which represents the first step in Daring Foods becoming one of the UK’s fastest-growing food firms and a major force in the plant-based food market,” said Ross McKay, one of the company’s co-founders. “As society makes the inevitable shift to a more plant-based diet, we are now well-placed to create and deliver options by creating delicious, nutritious and sustainable foods directly from plants. The market is there for the taking – in terms of taste, none of the current alternatives come close to meat.”

Advisory in place

Sam Henderson is the managing director of Lomond. He said, “We are delighted to be the sole distributor of Daring products in Scotland. Daring Foods is an innovative company that has developed a delicious plant-based range that can be enjoyed in mainstream outlets by vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike. Caterers across all sectors are being asked for products that fit vegan, religious or health constraints. In partnership with Daring Foods, Lomond Foods is confident sales will rise dramatically throughout 2019 and beyond.”

The business is also now working with advisory firm Johnston Carmichael to ensure that they are able to plan ahead for future growth. This is sure to include food recruitment, as much expansion is expected over the next year at minimum.

“Plant-based foods are one of the world’s fastest growing new categories in food and drink and I expect this to continue through 2019. Daring Foods combines a unique and market leading product with a clear message that will resonate with this burgeoning market,” said Adam Hardie at Johnston Carmichael.