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Crisp Maker Announces New Factory

pile of crinkle cut crisps

Crisp maker Savoursmiths have announced their intentions to open a new factory site next year, in 2020. They will be able to process between seven and eight million bags of their products every year once the facility is open, according to their predictions.

Next step in company progress

Mike Russell Smith and his wife Colette co-founded Savoursmiths in Cambridge in 2016. The brand has already taken off well enough to allow funding for production on-site. Until this point they have been outsourcing production, but will now be able to reduce the carbon footprint of every single packet by dramatically decreasing the distance their potatoes have to travel.

February 2020 is the current predicted date for the site to become fully operational. It will be situated on the grounds of their existing potato farm in order to both make use of their space and reduce those food miles.

There will be ten food jobs up for grabs right away, so look out for them. Over the next three years, they then expect to be able to add another 20 positions as demand grows. 

Strong US sales 

The biggest success story for the brand so far has been their launch in the US, which came just six months ago. This was after the couple realised there was a gap in the US market for so-called posh crisps – or chips, as they might put it. 

While Savoursmiths are stocked in Waitrose and Harrods in the UK, they are also now available in more than a thousand stores in the US. Their Truffle & Rosemary flavour is the one that has seen the best results so far for customers on the other side of the pond.

Their other flavours include Wagyu Beef & Honey Mustard, or Bubbly & Serrano Chilli. 

“We saw the potential in the US snacking market for something original, fun, exciting and luxurious, and sent our first container in February,” said the owner. “We found that we can compete with established brands across the world by offering luxurious products.”

The Department for International Trade has been on hand to give advice, assist with trade missions and logistics, provide market research, and identify potential distributors for the crisps. 

“We Brits might call them crisps, but they are a hugely popular snack on both sides of the pond, so this is an ideal export destination for Savoursmiths’ fantastic products,” said Antony Philipson, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for North America. “Taking the export plunge always requires careful planning and I hope their success will inspire other UK companies to look for new markets to grow their brands and diversify their customer base.”

There is potential for further growth in the future, and so any candidates aspiring to work for a growing company like this one have time to review our advice on preparing for interviews. Make sure that you are best-placed to take advantage of job offers when they become available in your niche!