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Celebrating Employee Ownership Day

On Friday 25th June 2021 we celebrated Employee Ownership day with 730 other Employee Owned businesses such as John Lewis, Fred Marketing, InsideOut, The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, Page/Park Architects etc.  The EO Sector has seen huge growth in the last year as more and more companies see that inclusivity of their employees is a better way of working. 

Being a team is important and what each of those team members have to say is equally as important.  By being a co-owner in an Employee Owned business we make sure all of our opinions are heard at Focus.

Our culture is very important to us and Covid has changed everything from the way we work to our team socialising, so we will continue to conduct our team building via zoom until it is safe to see each other face to face. We are looking forward to our team social in the next coming weeks where we can celebrate our collective successes despite the turbulent year.  Throughout the last 12 months our team ethos has become even stronger with the collaboration and support amongst our team. It’s strange but who would have thought that working remotely could bring people closer together. We are openly proud of our high retention rate, with over 80% of our team having been with Focus for over five years.

If you are looking for your next recruitment challenge and want to be surrounded by professional, like minded, supportive colleagues striving to achieve a collective goal then please get in touch with Lynne on 07702 372577 or email on Lynne.wilmot@fmcl.co.uk.