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Bakkavor Recruits New Youth Force

Table full of food

Nearly fifty young people have been recruited to join the Bakkavor Group team, as part of their ‘grow your own’ people strategy. The new employees include 20 graduates and 19 apprentices, as well as a further nine graduates who will be joining the International Graduate China Programme. 

Future growth potential

The group feels that they will be able to utilise these new employees in specialist roles across their UK and China sites, in order to support their potential for future growth. This is all part of an initiative looking to bring in and train up people with the right skills and fit for the group, who will remain part of their infrastructure for years to come.

The company’s growing presence in China is underlined by their decision to expand their graduate programme in October. The new team members will be joining a number of roles, including the commercial, finance, HR, development, technical, and manufacturing facets of the business. You can find out more about the kind of jobs that are available with Bakkavor and similar companies.

All graduate team members will be involved in live jobs right from the very start, but they will also be taken through a specially tailored leadership training programme at the same time. This will bring them up to a higher level, giving them new skills which they can use soon after finishing their programmes.

As for the apprentices, these are all joining advanced or higher apprenticeships in their particular specialisms. These include such diverse departments as cyber security, manufacturing, technical roles, bakery, engineering, HR, and IT. Lincolnshire, London, West Lothian, and Cheshire are just a few of the sites that will see an influx of new apprentices. 

Early Careers Commitment 

“Once again, we’re delighted to welcome a new intake of graduates and apprentices to Bakkavor as part of our commitment to Early Careers,” said Bakkavor’s group HR Director, Donna-Maria Lee. “The fresh prepared food market is one of the most dynamic markets in the world. As a group we firmly believe that our future growth depends on the talent we attract, develop and support so that we can maintain and strengthen our leading position.”

We have advice for candidates who might be thinking about going into either graduate or apprenticeship schemes, as well as general job application advice. The 2020 applications at Bakkavor open from 15 October 2019, with the new apprenticeship scheme applications becoming available in early 2020. Keep an eye out for these opportunities if you wish to join the team.

In 2019, 21 people have so far completed their apprenticeship programme at their Wigan site. This is just another example of how Bakkavor is dedicated to training the management and specialist teams of the future, ensuring that they are able to bring up potential talent and give them the best possible start in the business.

As the millennial generation have demonstrated less job loyalty, preferring to move companies in search of promotions and pay rises, it will be interesting to see how this works out.