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5 tips for career progression as a development chef

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Career progression is important if you want to keep moving forward. With each promotion comes the chance of a higher salary, more recognition and responsibility, as well as doors opening to further opportunities. If you want to work as a development chef, or have already taken your first steps down this road, then use these tips to continue progressing further.

Take on active training

Training helps you to learn new skills, and it shouldn’t stop just because you have started your career. There are lots of courses, qualifications, and even one-off lessons you can take which will improve your CV and skills. 

You could train your cooking skills, take courses in innovation, or even go on a management course to find out how to lead a team. When you are looking at available courses, think about how they might shape your future career. Ask your employers whether they would be willing to fund your place on a course to lighten the financial load.

Keep an eye on job boards

Progressing within the same company can be nice, as you get the chance to prove your skills and learn the ins and outs of the business. Getting a promotion is an amazing feeling, but it might not happen to often in a niche team. If you have one boss and a team of several chefs, you will be against tough competition if your boss ever moves on.

It can be more useful to look for other companies that have positions open for your next step. If the opportunity becomes available, you can apply to move up sooner rather than later. You can save a job alert to make sure you always hear about new openings.

Seek high-profile opportunities

There are some roles and companies that will be more impressive on your CV than others. Being a junior development chef at a huge company like Kelloggs might be more interesting to prospective employers than a senior development chef at a small indie brand. 

Consider each new opportunity not just in terms of your short-term salary gain, but in terms of how it might boost your CV for the future. Try to take on new responsibilities when you can to bolster your experiences.

Enter competitions

Getting a competition win to your name could really boost your profile. There are only a handful of developmental food competitions happening year-round, so this means you have to do your best work in order to succeed. Having this by your name will really make you sound great to employers!

Work hard

It sounds boring, but one of the best ways to get ahead at work is to work hard. Put in the hours day after day, take on responsibility, and do your job well – and you will be recognised and rewarded.


Development chefs are a niche profession, so you need to distinguish yourself well if you want to get ahead. With these tips, you’ll be well on the way to a promotion!