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2 Sisters Creates 100 Jobs

orange hen outside

Recovering from recent scandals, 2 Sisters has moved forward to create 100 jobs at their chicken processing facility in East Anglia.

The site in Flixton, Suffolk, has been upgraded to prepare for the busy Christmas period.

Wide range of positions

The 100 jobs now available cover a wide range of different positions. They include food engineering jobs, health and safety roles, training positions, and finance openings.

“The upgrade at Flixton will enable us to grow business and provide new career opportunities for people in the region,” says Allison Smith, general manager at the factory. “This is great news for the site and acknowledges the loyalty and capability of our fantastic colleagues that continue to go the extra mile each and every day to supply our customers with great quality, safe chicken.”

Chicken on a woodenboard

It's clear that this is a big boon for those looking for work in the East Anglia area, which is home to a number of food processing plants. The human resources manager at the plant, John Gibson, hopes that the workforce might be augmented by some younger people who are looking for experience and training.

“Young people in particular often don’t see the food industry as their first choice for a career but we can offer a wide range of exciting job opportunities,” he says. “We’ve learnt that identifying the right people first time allows their careers to grow and we have many people that started on the shop floor now running senior teams. Flixton is such a great place to work and we are like one big extended family, from senior management right through to the shop floor.”

Long history

The plant has been in production for more than 40 years, both under 2 Sisters and in a previous incarnation as Buxted Chickens. It is located on an old World War 2 airfield, which provided just the right amount of space for the site to flourish.

It now processes up to 1 million birds a week, 350,000 of which are packed. Around 180,000 to 350,000 are cut each week, depending on their levels of business.

This is sure to be great news in the run up to Christmas for jobseekers who are looking for that little extra money in their pocket for presents. It can be a tough time to enter the food recruitment process as competition for jobs is fierce.

Many firms will open their doors to take on extra seasonal staff during the Christmas rush. This covers the extra shopping that consumers will do in order to feed large family groups over the holidays, as well as the time off that regular staff members may wish to take in order to spend time with their families.

The good news, especially for those based outside of the East Anglia area, is that there are a number of firms currently expanding or already taking on extra staff. Make sure that you are signed up for job alerts around your desired location if you want to be heading into an interview before Christmas.

According to figures released by British Turkey, it seems that 76% of British households will sit down to eat a turkey on Christmas Day. The average household spends £159 on food and drink for the festive season, which means that there is still plenty of room in the budget to spend on chicken, fish, vegetables, and other traditional products such as the Christmas pudding. Chicken is one of the main traditional elements of the Christmas meal in Jamaica and the Ukraine, amongst other places around the world where chicken meat has historically been available.