Focus Management Consultants Limited

Recruitment Specialists for the food and drink industry

Questions and Answers

Stephen Jones answers some typical questions about careers at Focus Management Consultants.

"How would you sum up what you want when you recruit someone for one of the Divisions of Focus Management Consultants?"

The most important selection criteria are our values - without this there is no point progressing. We are committed to recruiting people who believe and live the values. We want a team who challenge and drive better performance through those behaviours and values set that we have fought hard to build over 21 years. We also look for industry understanding - this can come from the recruitment world or from the broader food and drink industry. Our team is split 50-50 with recruitment professionals and industry experts. When combined it makes for an exciting and challenging group of people - we know what recruitment excellence looks like - we also know the industry - and know who's in it.

"What career opportunities are there within the Group?"

Focus Management Consultants is going through an exciting phase in its history. Every way we turn we can see business development opportunities, whether that be new synergetic Divisions or market sectors, or driving greater share in existing markets. We have a track record of promoting and developing from within our business, but also have a track record of recruiting individuals who can drive an area of our business as a consequence of external experience.

"What do you expect from the Consultants?"

Michael Staniland and I have worked together for a long time, and we still have the same level of enthusiasm and energy for the business we had over twenty years ago when we set it up. Recruitment is rewarding as a career choice, but it can also be crushingly difficult at times - and we expect to find resilient, energetic and bright people who can understand the challenge and develop a workable solution at a fast pace. We want people who are strong project managers; who are resilient, tenacious and have a good sense of humour. Our team will be obsessed with their work - that doesn't mean they don't have life balance - but work will be a key driver - and that's non-negotiable!

"Do you offer a training period or induction?"

Absolutely - we talk to candidates and clients about why we are different and, by association, better - so it makes sense to educate those in our team on what we do, how we do it and why we believe it is more effective. However, we are always keen to learn too, so the induction or training process is always two way with ideas and suggestions coming form all sides. We have new consultants who tell us our induction process is the best they have experienced - and some of them have come from major blue chip organisations.

"Where will I be based?"

Primarily from our Head Office in Cheshire. However, we have five UK locations and are also working in partnership across Europe, and in the last year we have had consultants working in the UK, Holland, France and Germany.

"How much will I earn?"

We offer an outstanding level of remuneration for the very best Consultants, including market leading base salaries and a bonus structure that really lets the individual see the results of their efforts.